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Lubricant Analysis Sampling

Taking a Representative Sample

Use only clean laboratory sample bottles. Do not use a non-laboratory sample bottle (e.g. soda bottle/water bottle). Take samples while the system is operating under normal conditions or immediately after shutdown while it is still at operating temperature. Make sure the sample point is cleaned and flushed prior to filling a sample bottle. If multiple sample points are available, make sure all samples are taken from the same point.

Condemning Limits

Every oil is different, and every oil manufacturer uses different additive chemistry. This means each oil has a unique set of condemning limits. For a meaningful and accurate analysis evaluation, the correct condemning limits should be applied to each oil. Therefore, it is important to establish the correct condemning limits with AMSOIL Industrial Lubricant Analysis so the analyst can provide proper recommendations.

Suggested Sampling Methods

Although the equipment manufacturer's recommendations provide a good starting point for preventive maintenance practices, sampling intervals can vary. The equipment's importance to production is a major consideration for determining sampling frequency. So, too, are environmental factors such as hot, dirty operating conditions, short trips with heavy loads and excessive idle times.

Submitting an Oil Sample

Submitting an oil sample is quick and easy. Simply follow the instructions on the Form provided in the oil analysis kit. Results are sent via email and can also be accessed at

Shipping Information

A return-address label is provided for non-postage-paid kits.

  • Complete the Component Registration Form.
  • Place the oil sample bottle(s) and Component Registration Form(s) inside the mylar bag and seal.
  • Adhere the return-address label to a return shipping box.
  • Apply the appropriate postage. Use a trackable shipping service such as FedEx, UPS or the USPS for mailing samples.
  • Make sure to include your return address on the package.

View Sample Form

Test Reports and Data Management

  • Our data management platform, SGS SOFIA® provides your test results almost immediately after processing your oil sample.
  • Analysis reports are available via email or online. To view your oil analysis test results online, go to or contact your sales representative at [email protected].
  • Immediate access to your oil analysis reports allows you to proactively plan maintenance and increase efficiency.
  • Keep sampling schedule on track.
  • Identify bottlenecks in turnaround time that are costing you money.
  • Summarize unit problems that could influence future purchasing decisions.