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Metal Stamping

Labor shortages and supply-chain pressure are forcing you to increase productivity with fewer supplies and workers. Despite the challenges, you must meet production goals while reducing costs. AMSOIL can help you meet these challenges. AMSOIL Industrial lubricants maximize uptime while our Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) help you eliminate inefficiencies and develop solutions that save you money.

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Improper lubricant performance can devastate plastic manufacturing operations. Varnish and other contaminants can result in increased maintenance costs and reduced productivity. Frequent oil changes result in more downtime and require a larger workforce in an already challenging environment.

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Power Generation

Extreme environments require high-performance lubricants that can protect valuable equipment and help optimize maintenance programs. AMSOIL Industrial develops custom solutions that can save power-generation facilities money by increasing efficiency and reliability, while minimizing unscheduled downtime.

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Wind Turbine

AMSOIL Industrial synthetic wind turbine lubricants are engineered to exceed turbine-manufacturer specifications. We understand the lubrication challenges of wind turbines operating in extreme environments and provide customized solutions that increase operational efficiency and reduce maintenance and downtime.

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