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Labor shortages and supply-chain pressure are forcing you to increase productivity with fewer supplies and workers. Despite the challenges, you must meet production goals while reducing costs. AMSOIL can help you meet these challenges. AMSOIL Industrial lubricants maximize uptime while our Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) help you eliminate inefficiencies and develop solutions that save you money.


Lubrication Industry & Plant Challenges

Enemies to productivity exist everywhere. Varnish and other contaminants can slow cycle times and cause micropitting wear in metal-stamping presses, increasing maintenance and wasting money. Increased oil-change frequency means increased opportunities for lubricant misapplication. Plus, sub-optimized lubricant handling and storage processes introduce contaminants that cause preventable wear, reduced lubricant life and increased downtime.


Varnish causes servo valves to stick, pumps to wear and filters to plug, leading to frequent and expensive replacement.

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Water, dirt and other contaminants wear out servos and other components in addition to shortening lubricant.

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Using the wrong lubricant in your machine can lead to catastrophic failure, driving up expenses.

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Micropitting wear ruins gears in metal stamping presses, increases maintenance and wastes money.

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Featured Products


Our Certified Lubrication Specialists work alongside you to uncover the problems that are reducing productivity in your metal-stamping presses. We build enterprise relationships to help you understand the problems you’re facing and provide targeted recommendations so you can boost productivity and save money.

Lubricant Analysis

Protects valuable equipment by providing timely, accurate and easy-to-understand maintenance recommendations.

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Labeling & Handling

Our detailed product labels help reduce human error when adding lubricants or taking samples, saving you time and money.

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We can help find ways to consolidate lubricant inventory, which saves money and space while decreasing the risk of misapplication.

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AMSOIL engineers help you understand the barriers to productivity and how a good lubricant program can overcome them.

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You won't see varnish coming. Varnish particles are smaller than red blood cells and imperceptible to the human eye until they agglomerate. Varnish in hydraulic oil causes servo valves to stick, wear out and eventually fail. A new servo costs up to $15,000, not to mention the costs of lost production and maintenance.

AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic oil can help solve the problem. It fights varnish and sludge, which maximizes oil & filter life, reduces maintenance and saves industrial plants money.

In fact, over an 8-year period, the superior performance of AMSOIL synthetic hydraulic oil helped a midwestern metal-stamping plant save more than $2.7 million due to reduced downtime and maintenance.1

1Based on one customer’s actual experience using AMSOIL ISO 46 Synthetic Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil in industrial stamping presses over an 8-year time period. Your actual savings will vary depending on your current oil, equipment and maintenance practices.


Water is a common contaminant in metal-stamping presses, plastic-injection-molding machines and other industrial machines. Intense pressure inside the system increases temperature. These conditions can separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules, leaving hydrogen free to attack and embrittle metal components until they fail. The area in the upper left that looks like tooth decay is brittle metal that will eventually ruin the component.

This leaves the oxygen free to attack oil molecules and accelerate oxidation, creating harmful deposits and sludge that stick servos, plug filters and waste money.

Dirt and other particles, meanwhile, can enter the system due to poor handling and lubricant-dispensing processes. These contaminants act like sandpaper and scour precision components until they wear out and require replacement, increasing costs.

It’s a destructive situation that AMSOIL can help resolve.


Using the wrong lubricant for your applications or operating conditions causes several problems, all of which hurt productivity and waste money:

  • Reduced wear protection
  • Damaging deposits and sludge
  • Corrosion
  • Shortened lubricant life
  • Expensive downtime and repairs
  • Incorrect lubricant analysis results

Multiple scenarios can lead to misapplication. Plant personnel overburdened due to labor shortages can mistakenly top-off a lubricant reservoir with the wrong oil. Using the wrong oil for the equipment’s operating conditions can erode efficiency.

AMSOIL Certified Lubrication Specialists can help avoid the pitfalls of lubricant misapplication. We work directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to understand application requirements, and we examine your unique operating conditions to uncover your specific requirements. As a result, you get product recommendations tailored to your operation.

We also provide labels that clearly identify the proper lubricant for the application at every fill point. Our labeling solutions streamline maintenance and help reduce human error, saving you time and money. This approach helps eliminate misapplication and downtime while delivering peace of mind your equipment is protected.


Gearboxes in metal-stamping presses and other industrial equipment have gotten smaller over the years despite increased power throughput. This scenario increases the likelihood of micropitting wear, a type of surface fatigue that primarily affects gear teeth.

Micropitting changes gear-tooth shape, which disrupts the accuracy of gears as they mesh. This can lead to vibration, noise, misalignment and, eventually, gear failure. The metal particles that break free from the gear tooth populate the oil with wear-causing debris that can lead to bearing, gear and seal wear. Eventually, you have to shut down the machine to perform costly repairs.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants help prevent micropitting wear for optimum gearbox efficiency and life.

One of our customers had been struggling with micropitting wear and other lubricant-related issues in its industrial gearboxes, which required frequent and expensive oil changes. Switching to AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Lube prevented micropitting wear, extended lubricant life and saved the company $3.8 million over the past decade due to reduced gearbox repairs and maintenance.1

1Based on one customer’s actual experience using AMSOIL Industrial ISO 320 Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Oil (PTN) in 50 large industrial gearboxes over a 10-year time period. Your actual savings will vary depending on your current oil, equipment and maintenance practices.

Micropitting wear that occurred in an industrial gearbox using the preexisting oil. AMSOIL Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Oil was installed and run for 6 years. Borescope images confirm the AMSOIL product stopped micropitting wear from spreading.


Ordering, receiving, handling and storing multiple types of lubricants complicates business and wastes valuable floor space. Keeping several lubricants on hand also increases the potential for misapplication, which can lead to expensive downtime and repairs.

AMSOIL Certified Lubrication Specialists can analyze your lubrication program and identify ways to consolidate lubricants. We look at equipment needs, operating conditions and your business goals to determine the best lubricants for your specific situation.

Gaining this knowledge empowers you to make the best decisions for equipment maintenance, which ultimately maximizes productivity and profitability. It also relieves you of the burden of refining your lubrication program so you can focus on more pressing matters.

Rely on our 50+ years of experience in the lubrication industry to fine-tune your lubrication program, consolidate inventory and boost efficiency.


We build enterprise relationships that deliver value beyond the sale of lubricants. One way we do that is through the education and insight we provide.

AMSOIL has been formulating lubricants that help solve the toughest challenges applications present for more than 50 years. Over that time, we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about lubrication science, application requirements and operating conditions. We understand the vital role lubricants play in optimizing productivity, from the benefits of using an anti-varnish hydraulic oil to protect servos in metal-stamping presses to fighting micropitting in heavily loaded industrial gearboxes.

We revel in sharing that information with our customers. Doing so empowers plant engineers and maintenance personnel to develop a lubrication program that optimizes efficiency, equipment life and productivity. It gives you the confidence to sleep a little better at night.

Labeling & Handling

Properly labeling and handling lubricants is one of the most important steps in preventing cross contamination. Busy plant personnel can easily top-off a reservoir with the incorrect viscosity of lubricant or the wrong lubricant altogether if your plant lacks a comprehensive labeling and handling process.

In severe cases, lubricant incompatibility can ruin equipment, causing expensive downtime and maintenance costs. Even if the machine doesn’t fail, you still need to shut down the equipment to change oil, wasting time and money.

The AMSOIL Industrial labeling & handling process helps prevent this scenario. We provide customized, durable aluminum tags to label every lubricant fill point and sampling port.

Scan the QR code on each custom label to quickly fill out lubricant-sample labels digitally, eliminating errors and saving your techs time.

Tags used at sampling ports include a QR code for technicians to scan with a mobile device, eliminating the hassle of filling out lubricant-sample labels by hand. This reduces clerical errors and speeds the lubricant-sampling process. Plus, it supports your ISO 9001 and 14001 management systems.

AMSOIL Industrial makes the process so simple that nearly anyone can top-off reservoirs with the correct lubricant and take lubricant samples with little training, saving your maintenance department time.

Scan the QR code on each custom label to quickly fill out lubricant-sample labels digitally, eliminating errors and saving your techs time.