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AMSOIL is a research-driven product-development company. Our engineers monitor industrial-equipment technology and formulate lubricants that help today’s demanding applications achieve maximum performance and life. We test and validate our products in our chemical lab, in our mechanical lab and in rigorous field trials for proven, repeatable results you can count on for your business. Regardless of the challenges facing your industrial equipment, our extensive product line includes a product that delivers results.


  • Turbine Oil

    Turbine Oil

    AMSOIL Industrial turbine oils are thermally stable and resist oxidation, even in elevated temperatures. They help keep components clean for excellent performance and service life.

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  • Hydraulic Oil

    Hydraulic Oil

    AMSOIL formulates a full line of industrial hydraulic oils for mobile and stationary equipment. Our products help increase hydraulic-system efficiency while reducing maintenance.

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  • Gear Oil

    Gear Oil

    AMSOIL Industrial gear oils help protect against wear and promote long component life in industrial gear applications, including wind turbines, stamping presses and more.

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  • Compressor Oil

    Compressor Oil

    AMSOIL offers a complete line of lubricants for rotary and reciprocating compressors used in a variety of industries and operating environments. They provide the protection and performance you need to maximize compressor efficiency and life.

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  • Stationary Engine Oil

    Stationary Engine Oil

    AMSOIL Industrial stationary engine oils deliver excellent protection, engine cleanliness and resistance to oil consumption. They help engines run better and last longer despite severe service.

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  • Grease


    AMSOIL Industrial greases resist oxidation, remain in place despite rigorous operation and combat wear in industrial applications, helping equipment operate properly and last longer.

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  • Coolant


    AMSOIL Industrial antifreeze & coolants fight deposits and scale in industrial cooling systems while providing long service intervals for reduced maintenance.

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  • Flushing and Cleaning

    Flushing & Cleaning

    AMSOIL Industrial flushing and cleaning products help remove contaminants from gearboxes and prepare applications for new oil. They’re a vital part of an effective maintenance program.

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