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Lubricant Analysis

AMSOIL Industrial Lubricant Analysis protects valuable equipment by providing timely, accurate and easy-to-understand fluid analysis. It is backed by personal, friendly customer service from our technical personnel. We work with fully equipped laboratories staffed by trained analysts and offer a complete line of analysis services to help you get the most from your lubricants and extend equipment life.

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Engineering Support

AMSOIL lubrication engineers provide technical expertise in all types of industries, including power generation, injection molding, stamping and power-equipment manufacturing. We leverage our expertise to help you uncover unexpected problems before they spiral out of control. We provide innovative ideas to save money, improve uptime, boost production and solve equipment problems.

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On-Site Consultation

Our personnel can provide an on-site survey of your manufacturing plant or facility to identify equipment problems and potential AMSOIL solutions. An on-site survey allows us to provide product recommendations suited to your unique goals and help establish the optimum oil-change intervals for your equipment. This information can help you achieve the following goals:

  • Consolidate lubricants for increased storage space
  • Qualify for purchase discounts
  • Realize delivery efficiencies
  • Gain clarification about product applications
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Remote Oil Condition Monitoring

Monitor your oil quality to protect your equipment in real time. Our remote oil-condition monitoring system and professional oil analysis provide extra insights for your maintenance program.

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Reservoir Management

Maintain your oil quality with reservoir-management equipment that helps improve productivity and extend equipment life.

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Pumps and Transfer Carts

Improve your oil quality with transfer equipment that eases lubricant installation, tracks fill and top-off events on all equipment and decreases cross-contamination to maintain the ISO cleanliness grade.

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Industrial Skimmers

Reduce sump cleaning frequency and extend coolant life with an industrial oil skimmer.

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