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Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Oil

Product code : (THB)

  • Superior low-temperature fluidity reduces pump cavitation, provides immediate flow and reduces the need for seasonal change-outs
  • Potent oxidation inhibitors maximize fluid life while fighting sludge and varnish for clean, efficient operation
  • Excellent demulsibility helps improve operation in humid and wet environments while improving filterability
  • Resists foam to help prevent pump cavitation and improve heat dissipation for better wear protection
  • Excellent valve operation in cold temperatures
  • Great seal compatibility for long seal integrity
  • Exceptional filtration even in the presence of water

Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Oil

Engineered for superior performance and long oil life in industrial applications subjected to frequent low-temperature operation. High-quality synthetic base oils ensure exceptional fluidity in sub-zero temperatures for increased startup performance. Ultra-high viscosity index translates into good film thickness and wear protection at operating temperatures. Provides dependable operation throughout a wider temperature range than conventional hydraulic oils.


  • Formulated with molecularly uniform synthetic base oils to reduce friction in valves, pumps and hydraulic-system components for efficient operation and reduced wear.
  • High-performance anti-wear additives use zinc to help prolong component life and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Formulated with oxidation inhibitors that resist acid and sludge formation.
  • Robust formula reduces the need for frequent oil changes due to degraded oil or seasonal temperatures, making it ideal for extreme temperature ranges and applications that may be difficult to access.


  • Features a high viscosity index, meaning it retains its protective viscosity in elevated heat to provide reliable wear protection.
  • Remains fluid in sub-zero temperatures for maximum performance in all temperature extremes.

See the Data Sheet for Details

Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Oil

Typical Technical Properties*
AMSOIL Industrial Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Oil

ISO Viscosity Grade (ASTM D2422) 32
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt (ASTM D445) 9.5
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt (ASTM D445) 33.9
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) 282
Color L0.5
Flash Point ºC (ºF) (COC) (ASTM D92) 162 (324)
Fire Point ºC (ºF) (COC) (ASTM D92) 188 (370)
Pour Point ºC (ºF) (ASTM D97) -55 (-67)
Acid Number (ASTM D664) 0.28
Four-Ball Wear Test, Scar, mm (ASTM D4172) (75ºC, 1200 rpm, 40 kg, 1hr) 0.45
Foam Characteristics, ml (ASTM D892)
Seq. I 10/0
Seq. II 35/0
Seq. III 15/0
Oxidation Stability, Acidity @1000 hours, mg KOH/g (ASTM D943) 1.96
Copper Corrosion @ 100°C, 3 hr (ASTM D130) 1A
Dialectric Strength, kV 41
Filtration Test (w/o water) ISO 13357-2
F1 min., % 96.4
F2 min., % 97.2
Filtration Test (w/o water) ISO 13357-1
F1 min., % 91.8
F2 min., % 82.5
Rust Procedure A (ASTM D665A) Pass
Rust Procedure B (ASTM D665B) Pass
Demulsibility (ASTM D1401) 40-40-0 (15)
FZG A/8.3/90, Load Stage Fail 10
Vane Pump Wear Modified DIN ENISO 20763 (150˚F)
Ring Loss, mg 37.1
Vane Loss, mg 4.1
Vane Pump Wear (ASTM D7043)
Ring Loss, mg 7.9
Vane Loss, mg 2.4
Shear Test, 20 hr, KRL % Viscosity Loss 29.14

Bulk Modulus and Thermal Expansion

ASTM 6793 ISO Thermal Tangent Bulk Modulus @ + 30˚C
BM1000 (psig) 239557
BM2000 (psig) 250869
BM3000 (psig) 262439
BM4000 (psig) 274267
BM5000 (psig) 286355
BM6000 (psig) 298702
BM7000 (psig) 311308
BM8000 (psig) 324172
BM9000 (psig) 337295
BM10000 (psig) 350677
ASTM 6793 ISO Thermal Tangent Bulk Modulus @ + 80˚C
BM1000 (psig) 189145
BM2000 (psig) 202483
BM3000 (psig) 216273
BM4000 (psig) 230515
BM5000 (psig) 245209
BM6000 (psig) 260355
BM7000 (psig) 275952
BM8000 (psig) 292001
BM9000 (psig) 308503
BM10000 (psig) 325456
ASTM D1903 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Specific Gravity 1 @ 25˚C 0.8438
Specific Gravity 2 @ 65˚C 0.8309
CTE 0.50959


Seal Compatibility DIN 53538 SRE-NBR1 Seals (168 hr, 100˚C)
Volume Change % +10.43
Shore A Hardness Change -5